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Insalata Di Barbabietole Semplice, Deliziosa e Ricca di Nutrizione

per barbabietole solo, deliziosa e ricca per nutrire 🤗

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  1. Recipe –

    2 Beetroot
    200 gms Pumpkin
    100 gms French Beans
    2 Carrots
    2 Boiled Potatoes
    Cut all the veggies in big pieces
    2 Green Chillies Chopped
    1 tbsp minced garlic
    Green coriander 2tbsp
    Fresh grated coconut 2tbsp
    Toasted seasme seeds 1tbsp

    •Take a pan put 1 tbsp olive oil and put little mustard seeds , jeera , a pinch hing & curry leaves than put all the vegetables accept potato & beetroot .
    •Sprinkle enough water so that it should not stick it in the pan & slow down the gas for above 5 mins till your veggies get half cooked .
    •If the veggies are lil watery than put the gas on high flame n let the water evaporate .
    •Veggies should not be over cooked as it has to be lil crunchy .
    •Put little black pepper n salt and green coriander .

    •Than Sauté beetroot also in a different pan like above . After beetroot is half cooked than put boiled potato and mix all the veggies gently together and garnish with fresh grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds n enjoy it 🤗

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